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This is mostly a history lesson, based around the facts.

The Nazis and WWII

A decent read. Aug 12, Jesse Miller rated it it was amazing Shelves: history , military , non-fiction. The book is made of four essays that trace, in turn, the development of Nazism following the First World War, the sudden growth of the ideology and its rapid and unfaltering advancement toward war, the brutal and bloody cost of Nazism in the course of the Second World War, and finally the aftermath of the war, especially in Germany. It is an exh "Nazism was inseparable from war. It is an exhausting, draining book--mentally and emotionally tiring to read the descent into insanity and evil that engulfed the world, and to consider the terrifying way it all began.

This pledge carried him and his ideals to their conclusion. Bessel is an excellent writer and an extraordinary scholar. I was astounded, for one thing, at the depth and breadth of his citations--hundreds and hundreds of end-of-text notes, in perfect detail and with full references to sources. His work is enviably well-researched. I have read some criticism of his writing style, which occasionally indulges in lengthy and wordy sentences and paragraphs. However, I found his writing fresh and very readable, as long as I was concentrating.

In the end, my biggest takeaway from this book was that Nazism, whose beginning and end was racist war, was not forced upon those who wore the swastika. It was insidiously embraced by the people, who voted--actually freely chose--to give up their freedom, dissolve the democratic system, and assume a position and take a path that led to the murder of millions.

We must learn the lessons of history, 70 years later. We must be wary of charismatic but characterless leaders who hide poison tongues with words of honey.

Nazi leader's son: 'Don't trust us' Germans - BBC News

We must guard our freedom jealously, and seek to bring freedom to others. It is our lot to protect the weak, to decry violence, to celebrate goodness and stamp out evil. To do otherwise is to open ourselves again to horrors too many have seen. Jun 24, Brian rated it it was amazing Shelves: military-history , wwii.

A concise history of how nazism and war go together.

Since the nazis got into power war was always on the agenda to accomplish their goals. Nov 29, John rated it it was ok. Again i was disgusted on a lot of disinformation. Why cant ppl just tell the truth!! Nov 20, Greatredwarrior rated it liked it Shelves: military-history. It was very interesting at the beginning, and his perspective on post-war Germany was something that I've rarely seen covered. Much of the bare historical facts are pretty much the same, and usually Mr. Bessel doesn't really drift too far from the main-stream historical narrative.

It was a solid book, and I enjoyed it, but it wasn't really groundbreaking or terribly gripping. It was somewhat short and still very solid which was nice. It also did not fall into the error of blaming everything on H It was very interesting at the beginning, and his perspective on post-war Germany was something that I've rarely seen covered. It also did not fall into the error of blaming everything on Hitler, but did spend most of the book focusing on the effect of Nazism throughout German and European life. May 11, Seth rated it really liked it.

This book was a great history lesson of the events in Germany and the culture as Hitler rose to power and the events of WWII. I have a hard time accepting the author's premise that part of the reason that Hitler rose to power was a wide spread racial hatred in the German culture, but I really have no experience with Germans so I don't really know if it is or was true or not. It is always shocking to read about the events and what actually occurred during WWII. View 2 comments. With keen insight and research the author shows how Nazi ideology was formed and how it influenced German politics and its conduct of the war.

Also reveals how many Germans, despite the atrocities committed by their armed forces and police state came to see themselves as victims as the war in Europe came to a close. A compelling and oftentimes chilling book. Oct 23, Shawn Thrasher rated it it was amazing. I thought this was going to be boring.

How wrong I was!

This was a good, very interesting look at the Nazi regime and its infatuation with war and race politics. The last chapter was particularly good.

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Feb 13, Tripp rated it really liked it. A good short read. The book is a series of essays about the Nazis ties to war. Bessel focuses on the Nazi's racial hatreds as setting them apart. I seem to be in an 20th century atrocity phase right now Both Christians and Jews accused Gibson of explicit anti-Semitism in the film, saying he didn't counter the implications in the New Testament that Jews were to blame for the death of Jesus who himself was Jewish. In public, Gibson likewise used anti-Semitic speech.

Audiences and critics alike decried the anti-Semitism in the Turkish film, "Valley of the Wolves. The film employed "anti-American, anti-Israeli and anti-Semitic stereotypes and was inciteful," according to several organizations. Just how difficult it can still be to address the subject matter of World War II is evident in the response to a three-part German TV series from , "Generation War.

It was criticized in Poland for anti-Semitism and was said to have represented the Polish resistance. Margarethe von Trotta's film about Hannah Arendt was well received in The director sketched a balanced portrait of the philosopher and publicist who, in the s, grappled with a figure who was largely responsible for the Nazi genocide: Adolf Eichmann. Arendt coined the phrase "the banality of evil" to explain anti-Semitism clothed in seemingly harmless bureaucracy.

Because the protagonist of the current Hollywood super hero hit "Wonder Woman" is played by Israeli Gal Gadot, the film was not shown in a number of Arab countries. Gadot herself had served in the Israeli army and defended her experience. Not showing "Wonder Woman" is anti-Semitic, according to the public sentiment in Israel. An Indonesian museum has taken down a wax sculpture of Nazi Germany leader Adolf Hitler after it sparked global outrage.

The statue was a popular attraction for visitors who took selfies in front of the exhibit. After almost 70 years, the memories live on as veterans and historians try to come to terms with the tragedy. Public prosecutors in the German town of Celle have opened an investigation into a former SS man believed to have been involved in a massacre in France.

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The SS Panzerdivision of the Hitlerjugend killed 86 people. It was a time shaped by ideas and empires long since gone. Yet a century later, arguing about Balfour is again in vogue. A century after the UK endorsed a Jewish "home" in Palestine, protesters in Ramallah and other cities asked for an apology from London. He ended up helping the Greek inhabitants and saving lives, before his came to a tragic end.

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Now his story has hit the stage. On September 1, , the Wehrmacht invaded neighboring Poland without warning. Hitler had been planning the Blitzkrieg since The German National Socialist Workers' party profoundly affected the course of 20th-century world history with their ideology, propaganda and crimes. Who were the key leaders of the movement?

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Even before the Nazis' rise in , anti-Semitism was present in film. After , many directors struggled to deal with the Holocaust, but some continued to make movies with anti-Semitic tendencies. Over 50, people were evacuated from the northern city of Hanover this weekend, so that bombs from World War II could be defused. Even 72 years after the war ended, unexploded bombs are still found across the country. Irmela Mensah-Schramm has been found guilty of property damage for painting over neo-Nazi slogans.